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Licensing and Equity

FloWork Systems is a thermal flow control technologies development company founded by two Engineers. The FloWork controllable variable flow (CVF) coolant pump systems representative a combination of turbo-machinery and thermal systems technologies.

The highly efficient FloWork pump was originally conceived by Walter Repple, an expert  turbo machinery, thermodynamics and vehicle systems design.  The other Engineer, John Fulton, a cooling systems Engineer collaborated on the system integration of the thermostatic functionality, and provided much of the prototype build and testing support.  The FloWork systems technology is a significant development for efficient engine cooling and can be applied to any cooling system including gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, and natural gas internal combustion engines.

Verification tests and studies on the latest prototype that confirm the performance, fuel savings, flow control functionality, and durability have been conducted by a coolant pump systems supplier, an automotive manufacturer, a university, and an independent fuel economy test laboratory.

Present activities include ongoing durability testing for the continued development of the working prototypes, and the pursuing commercialization of the technology through a worldwide licensing program.




We take a team approach to transfer and apply the system to your applications.

We can help you design and integrate.

Several configurations have been developed to suit different systems requirements.

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