Technology Description

This pump and flow control system employs variable pre-swirl combined with thermal control to provide efficient modulated thermal management. Applied to cooling systems, the controllable variable output provides fuel savings and performance gains.

Technology Features


Technology Background

The use of variable inlet guide vanes to provide pre-swirl has long been recognized as the most efficient method of achieving variable output for turbo-machinery applications including Kaplan and Francis turbines, and variable geometry turbochargers.

Conventional thermostats employed in today's automotive engine cooling systems throttle flow through the radiator and bypass circuits, but do not vary the pump's capacity.


Overall Advantages

This proven efficient, compact and cost effective cooling system technology reduces parasitic power draw plus optimizes cooling, providing more vehicle thermal management control for both conventional and hybrid cooling systems..

Efficient Variable Cooling and Flow Control
Improved Performance and Fuel Economy

Verified Fuel Savings and Emissions Reduction

vehicle cooling system, thermal management diagram
 Animation of an actuation cycle - prototype version

The result is reduced fuel consumption, more power, and the system is applicable to all types of cooling systems.

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