The patent portfolio encompasses different variants and developments, and the portfolio scope is global.

fuel saving technology for license
variable coolant pump for license



Coolant Pump for Automotive Use  

6,309,193   United States
6,499,963    United States
6,887,046   United States
2,250,160   Canada
4215276   Japan
EP(UK)0886 731  Britian
EP(SE)0886731 Sweden
697 23 060.0-08 Germany
EP(IT)0886731 Italy
EP(FR)0886731   France

Thermal Control of Flowrate in Engine Coolant System

pending United States     
pending Europe
pending Korea
pending Canada
pending Brazil
4431501 Japan
200380108029.1 China
pending India

Automotive Coolant Pump Apparatus

7,603,969 United States
pending Canada
pending Japan
200680031672.2 China
pending Europe
pending Korea
pending Australia
pending India
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