Integrated System

Conventional Pump / Thermostat Systems are two separate components connected by a housing or hose.  The FloWork CVF design integrates thermostatic coolant flow control while also providing thermally variable flow modulation. 

The integrated design results in less interfaces, associated expense and easier / lower cost of installation of the assembly.  This efficient integration of variable output and flow control valve functions creates  lightweight design opportunities.  The FloWork system for variable flow is much more lightweight and compact than electric motor driven pumps, although The FloWork system can also be integrated with electric driven cooling system pumps on either conventional or hybrid cooling systems.

The advanced designs offer different configurations, compactness, and offers additional system integration and packaging options.

No Restrictive Conventional Thermostat is required with

" Controllable Variable Flow "

Prototype -Installed

Prototype Part-Removed

integrated pump
and flow control

no thermostat required

Conventional Parts
(removed )

Advanced Design
(future application)
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